What is the Fundamentals Course?


What is the Fundamentals Course?

I have received alot of feedback in recent weeks regarding the Fundamentals Course.

What is it?  The Fundamentals Course teaches you the movements that will be used throughout your experience in Functional Fitness. Included is form for the squat, front squat, deadlift, push press, push jerk, clean(Full & Hang), clean and jerk, pull ups, etc…

How many classes is it?  The course is a minimum of 3 classes and could take up to 7 depending on whether or not the coach thinks you are ready to move on. Always up to the coach.

Do I have to take the Class? Yes, the movements that are used in Functional Fitness are technical and if they are performed without proper instruction you may get hurt. Technique is key for Functional Fitness.

Is it just technique work during the classes? No, each class will be teaching 2 to 3 movements and then we will have a workout that pertains to the movements that we covered that day.

If I have already done Functional Fitness do I have to do the Fundamentals Course? If you are able to show that you have genuine knowledge of the movements and can perform them properly without too much instruction you may move on without taking the course. Again this is up to the coach.

I hope that this helped answer any questions you might have about our Fundamentals Course at B.I.O. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. (photo courtesy of Functional Fitness.com)