Kettlebell Class – King George – Wed, Oct 4


Kettlebell Class – King George – Wed, Oct 4

BIO CrossFit – King George – Kettlebell Class – King George

Metcon 3.2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Hip Crossover – breath 7x each side

Open Book – 5 each side

GOATA 2-3x through

Rockers x 20

Bow Hip Stretch – 7br each side

Bow Hip Stretch Rockers x 10

Toe Rockers x 20

Crawl x 10 each side

Access Hinge – 7 Br

No Support Bow:


Sundial Hip Internal Rotation Pail/Rails (1 min, then 10s/10s for P/R

Sundial Hip External Rotation (same protocol as internal rotation)

Half Kneeling Hip Flexion Hovers x 10


Warm up to movements of the prescribed workout:

18 Min AMRAP

5/5 Half Kneeling Press ups (start with left side)

10 Around the world with high five

5/5 Single Arm Swings

100m single arm farmers carry