Kettlebell Class – King George – Thu, May 25


Kettlebell Class – King George – Thu, May 25


Murph Party!

When: Saturday, May 27th at 8:00 AM (2-3 heats depending on #’s)

What is it? Murph (or 1/2 Murph) and KB Murph (for those who do the KB class)

Post Murph refreshments will be provide by BIO (AKA as Hollie)

Reservations for class open 72 hours in advance of class

BIO Community Fitness- King George – Kettlebell Class – King George

Pre-Hab 1.2 (Checkmark)

2 Rounds – 30″ on/10″ go from movement 1, to 2, to 3, to 4…then repeat

Movement 1: Lateral Lunge Isometric – imagine you’re trying to split the floor apart with your feet, create tension all throughout the body.

Movement 2: Shoulder Flexion Mobility w/blocks

Movement 3: Hip Cars from 90/90 Position for 30″, then next 30″ will do Rotating 90/90’s, then repeat with other leg

Movement 4: Shoulder Extension – lay on ground, hold two small balls, arms at overhead position (as if hanging from a rig). Face down, nose stays same distance from the floor all throughout this sequence: 30″ press arms/hands into ground as if trying to do a pullup (to activate the lats), the 30″ lift off the ground using the back of the shoulders and really feeling that regions squeeze strong.
Then go to a ‘Y’ position with the arms and repeat the pressing/pulling down, then the lift off.

10 MIin EMOM (No Measure)

1 bell

2 x through each minute

3 Elevevator Squats + Push Press, switch arms, and repeat the 3 elevator squats + Push Press

Elevator Squat – in front rack position (let’s say left side), squat to bottom, come out of hole to 3/4 squat, then go back to bottom floor, up to 1/2 squat, then back to bottom floor and up to top floor. Then Push Press.

You can challenge yourself here and do double bells, you just do 2x as well (as if you were doing 1 bell, but not switching sides)