Group Class – Thu, Dec 29


Group Class – Thu, Dec 29

BIO Community Fitness- King George – Group Class

Half Empty (Checkmark)


6 rounds Not For Time:

10 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

2 Rope Climbs (15′)

30′ Front Rack Walking Lunge (135/95)

KILOS: 61/43

Switch After Full Rounds. If doing solo, rest 2 minutes between rounds

Double Under Challenge Day 21 (Checkmark)

Testing WOD

5 rounds, each for time:

Round 1:  MEDIUM

Round 2:  HEAVY

Round 3:  SPEED

Round 4:  HEAVY

Round 5:  MEDIUM

10 burpees

10, 20, or 40 Double Unders*

~Rest Exactly 60 seconds between rounds~

*Note 1: Depending on your ability level, please choose a double under number that seems realistic for you to stay at a high intensity each round. Use the same number each round. This is a chance to test your progress in a “real life” situation for time!

Here are some suggested numbers:

1-2 Double Unders AVG = Do 10x double unders per round

3-7 Double Unders AVG = Do 20x double unders per round

8+ Double Unders AVG = Do 40x double unders per round

**Note 2: Just because these are “For Time” doesn’t mean you have to rush. Remember ” slow is smooth, smooth is fast ”

**Note 3: Still don’t have one double under? Substitute 10x Penguin Claps + 5x BIG double under attempts per round)