COVID-19 Updates 3/13


COVID-19 Updates 3/13

Hello BIO Community & Friends,

With the recent concerns surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to let you know the ways in which we are being proactive to keep you all as safe and healthy as possible.

Moving forward we are implementing a few new rules and policies:

1) We will require each class participant to wash their hands BEFORE and AFTER each class. Proper handwashing includes soap and warm water, and lasts no less than 20 seconds (sing the Happy Birthday song). 

2) We will be removing as many communal touch-points as possible, including common use of the computer, white boards, and dry erase markers. Only coaches will be allowed to access wodify on the computer; please plan to sign in from your phone. 

3) For shared items that are not removed from the gym, we are requiring that members wipe down ALL equipment immediately after use. This includes foam rollers, activation sticks, and other mobility equipment – wipe down IMMEDIATELY after activation – as well as barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, wallballs, etc. Follow the old adage, “Leave it cleaner than when I arrived” and let your inner germophobe shine!

4) We also considered removing chalk buckets – a communal item that is impossible to clean – however; we recognize that lack of chalk may decrease safety. We ask everyone to use their best judgement when choosing whether or not to use it in any given workout.

5) If you feel sick or someone in your household is sick (even with non-coronavirus symptoms) we ask that you stay out of the gym for at least 48 hours and let staff know. This policy is implemented in an attempt to keep everyone’s immune system as healthy as possible over the coming weeks. 

6) If you have symptoms related to coronavirus (see CDC information attached) please call your healthcare provider immediately to determine if you need to be tested, let staff know, and do not return to the gym until you are cleared by a professional. 

7) In an effort to provide all members with useful workouts, including anyone who may elect to distance themselves socially from group settings, BIO will be sending out 6 daily home workouts each week beginning on Sunday. These workouts will have similar stimulus to the class workouts, modified with minimal equipment (dumbell/jump rope) or just body weight movements. BIO staff will also make themselves available for questions and coaching if members want to reach out.

8) We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic closely, and will follow all protocols mandated by the CDC and State and local public health authorities. We will continue to communicate with members as often as necessary, should any of these policies need to be updated or changed. 

Finally, we are here for the health and wellness of all of our members, and while we do not want to incite fear in anyone, we strongly feel that it is in everyone’s best interest to take these additional safety precautions. If you have any questions concerning the virus or the new policies please do not hesitate to reach out.

Have a wonderful Friday!