Upper Body Thursday


Upper Body Thursday

Bio Community Fitness- FREDERICKSBURG, BIO Community Fitness- King George – Group Class

Push Press + Amrap Push Jerk

Push Press + AMRAP Push Jerk

You do not put the bar down for this. Build to moderate /heavy.

See rep scheme in nopes
3 push press + amrap push jerks

rest 2′ between sets

4 sets

Hinge Rows + MU/PullUp work

Beginner – build up to 4-7 hinge rows, rest 30-60 seconds

Then accumulate 30 kips on either rings or rig, rest 2 minutes

3 sets


Intermediate – build up to 6-8 hinge rows, rest 30-60 seconds

Then do max UB kipping pull ups each round, rest 2 minutes

3 sets


Experienced – build up to 8-10 hinge rows, rest 30-60 seconds

Then work on MU either rig or bar (or max UB CTB pull ups), rest 2 minutes

3 sets
Score is your average hinge rows. make sure to put in your comments what skill you worked on

HS Walk + OVHD Carry (3 rounds – no score)

Option A: HS Walk

Option B: wall walks

Option C: Box HS Walks corner to corner

30″ rest after your option, then grab a DB/KB and overhead carry (go heavier than previous week) Rest 90″ between rounds
Option A: 50 feet hs walk

Option B: 5 wall walks

Option C: 4 trips from corner to corner

OVH Carry is 50 feet each arm