Upper Body/Cardio Intervals


Upper Body/Cardio Intervals

Bio Community Fitness- FREDERICKSBURG, BIO Community Fitness- King George – Group Class

Metcon (No Measure)

5 Rounds – 30″ on/30″ off
Movement 1: 5L/5R DB Push Press with slow descent (work on timing)

Movement 2: Alternating Hands DB Bentover Row for 30″

Movement 3: Plank DB Drag (cross under body and drag DB to other side, then do the same with the other arm for 30″

**first 30″ do #1, second 30″ after break do #2, and after that 30″ break do #3

Metcon (Time)

8 x 100 meter sprint run
These are true sprints, you will do one 100 every 2 minutes. Score is your best time