Thursday – 8/20


Thursday – 8/20

1. Strength

Power Clean

Work up to a heavy single

Bent-over Row

3×10 with Kettle bells

When “heavy single” is prescribed it does not necessarily mean 1RM.  Generally, it means you work up to a relatively heavy weight (feels heavy) with good form and technique.  If one of those two starts to break down and/or you are missing reps left and right, you are not missing the intent of these days.


2. MetCon

5 Rounds for time of

5 Reps of Bear Complex, 75/55

1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Press/Thruster + 1 Back Squat + 1 Behind-the-neck (BTN) Push Press/Thruster = 1 rep.  Each set of 5 reps should be performed without putting the barbell down.  After each round, you may drop the barbell and rest.  If you let go of the barbell during a round, you must start that round over.  My fastest time was somewhere around 4:30 a few years back.  Heard you couldn’t beat it 😉 .


3. Extra Credit

a. 2 x M.E. handstand hold (against wall or freestanding)

b. Yoga at 5pm!