Friday – 8/21


Friday – 8/21

1. Strength/Skill



If you cannot perform a strict pull-up, you should be moving the band until you find the most difficult set of 3 you’re able to do with the band (think of the band height being your 3RM instead of the weight).  If you can do strict pull-ups, time to see if you can add some weight.


2. MetCon

10 – 20 – 30 – 20 – 10

Lunges (each leg)



Ring rows

Pull-ups can be substituted for ring rows, however you must be able to do a set of 12+ unbroken pull-ups.  If we run out of rings we’ll figure it out.


3. Extra Credit

a. Burgener Warm-up

b. Bench Press

5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5, Ascending

c.  Crossover Symmetry RECOVERY Protocol