Monday 11/27/17- Sweatshirt orders Due TONIGHT!


Monday 11/27/17- Sweatshirt orders Due TONIGHT!

Bio Community Fitness East- King George, Bio Community Fitness West- FREDERICKSBURG – Functional Fitness


Front Squat (Heavy 2)


Eikcaj (Time)

30 Pull-ups

50 Thrusters (45/35)

1,000 Meter Row
Starting today off by building to a heavy double front squat. “Heavy” means that we want athletes challenging themselves while still prioritizing sound movement. This is the only time this week we are going heavy, so the majority of time on teaching points will be spent on the Front Squat. We can also dedicate more time to this movement since we covered rowing extensively last week during the 2k.

Following the weightlifting piece, we will be performing the benchmark workout “Jackie” backwards, hence the name “Eikcaj”. Although the barbells are empty, we want this to be a weight that athletes could complete in no more than 3 sets. Using a training bar or adding a little extra weight to a training bar could provide the right stimulus for some athletes.