Kettlebell Class – King George – Mon, Nov 13


Kettlebell Class – King George – Mon, Nov 13

BIO CrossFit – King George – Kettlebell Class – King George

KB Warm Up 006 (No Measure)

Back Flossing x 40

Glute Bridge Pearl (feet on the wall, one vertebrae at a time) x 3

Hip Rolls (feet still on wall, roll on back of pelvis from left to right/right to left) x 20


2 x through: 20 toe rockers, 10 toe rockers, 6 breath corner stretch each side, cat crawl x 20 steps, then tuck toes and push back into bolt squat, then up into bow, and do 25 reverse arm circles, then 25 forward arm circles, then drop back down and repeat the routine.

21 MIn EMOM (No Measure)

Min 1: Chair sit on wall

Min 2: Pectoral KB Carry (1 bell)

Min 3: Bench Press – barbell

Min 4: Goblet Squat Hold

Min 5: Access Hinge Hold

Min 6: Jump Rope

Min 7: 90/90’s