Kettlebell Class – King George – Fri, Dec 2


Kettlebell Class – King George – Fri, Dec 2

BIO Community Fitness- King George – Kettlebell Class – King George

Double Under Challenge Day 2 (No Measure)

1. Skill Development

Use your MEDIUM cable weight through section 1.

A. 30 Reps “ Big Singles ”  ▶️  Rest / partition as needed

Focus on jumping with feet together and HIGHER than a normal single under. Keep a slow, controlled, and steady pace. We are working on Jump Control in this drill.

B. 30 Reps “ Speed Singles ”  ▶️  Rest / partition as needed

These are done for speed. Your jump can be as short and quick as you want, just try to accumulate reps as fast as you possibly can. It’s OK to mess up! We are working on Rope Speed in this drill.

C. 30 Reps “ Penguin Claps ”  ▶️  Rest / partition as needed

Focus on keeping your feet glued together and maintaining the same jump height the entire time. Imagine you are a big pogo stick. Clap your hands to your side while you are in the air, hands should be away from your body when you land (see video)

2. WOD

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets):

5 rounds

Set 1:  MEDIUM  rope

Set 2:  MEDIUM  rope

Set 3:  HEAVY  rope

Set 4:  HEAVY  rope

Set 5:  MEDIUM  rope

5x  Speed Singles

5x  Big Singles

5x  Penguin Claps

20s x  Double Under Attempts