Is Functional Fitness right for everyone?


Is Functional Fitness right for everyone?

In recent weeks, I have received many emails inquiring about Functional Fitness and whether it is right for them. They ask are they too old/young, they are out of shape, too weak, etc…. And the simple answer that I will give anyone is YES! Functional Fitness can be modified to fit all populations, whether it is by removing the weight, lowering the height, etc.

Functional Fitness is defined as “Constantly varied high intensity functional movements”-Functional

What does this mean? It states that each daily workout will always be different from day to day. They will be at a high intensity and will be functional. What is a Functional Movement you might ask? It is anything that you do on a daily basis, such as sitting and standing, getting up from bed, picking something up from the ground, going up stairs. You get the idea! In many ways, Functional Fitness is the way of making your life easier to live.

My challenge for anyone who is up to it:  Sit and stand in whatever chair/couch they are sitting in today 40 times in a row without using your hands to help in the movement. Tell me what you think right after and the next day.  Is it tough? Were your sore?

Well you just completed your first functional movement exercise! It’s as easy as that!

Functional Fitness is the sport of Fitness which is increased work capacity across broad time & modal domains. So tell me, do you still question whether Functional Fitness is right for you?

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