Group Class – Thu, May 4


Group Class – Thu, May 4


30 Day Challenge

Once a day, you get on your floor and spend 10 minutes of mobility using any tools (soft balls, lacrosse balls, foam rollers, etc) or any of the stretches that we’ve done in class.

Do it while you’re watching TV. Do it while you’re in a meeting if you work at home. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, just drop and give yourself10 minutes to work on the areas ofyour body you think need to be given some love.

Challenge Chart will be posted up at the gym where you can mark down the days you did it FOR YOU!

BIO Community Fitness- King George – Group Class

Pre-Hab 1.2 (Checkmark)

3 Rounds – 30″ on/10″ go from movement 1, to 2, to 3, to 4…then repeat

Movement 1: Split Squat Isometric – imagine you’re trying to split the floor apart with your feet, create tension all throughout the body.

Movement 2: Shoulder Flexion Mobility w/block L then R arm

Movement 3: 90/90’s – 30″ drive ligs into ground and try to spread the ground apart, then 30″ lifting off – trying to get the feet to come off the ground, repeat with other side after doing the pails/rails on the first side.

Movement 4: External Rotators – lay on ground, hold two small balls, arms at W position (elbows slightly below shoulders). Face down, nose stays same distance from the floor all throughout this sequence: 30″ press arms into ground as if trying to drive them together, the 30″ lift off the ground using the back of the shoulders and really feeling that regions squeeze strong.

NFT Thursday – Half Court Press (No Measure)

5 Rounds

300 Meter Run, 5 Ring Muscle-ups

200 Meter Run, 10 Handstand Push-ups

100 Meter Run, 15 Burpees to Target (6″)

“Half Court Press” [TRAIN]

5 Rounds

300 Meter Run, 5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

200 Meter Run, 10 Strict Ring Dips

100 Meter Run, 15 Burpees to Target (6″)