Friday – 9/4


Friday – 9/4

1. Strength/Skill Work

Ring Dips

a. 10 minutes to work on different variations/skill levels (static hold, strict, kipping, banded, negatives, ring pushups)

b. followed by E2MOM for 10 minutes of:

5 Ring Dips (or some variation you work out with whomever is coaching)


2. MetCon

300 Air Squats for time

EMOM – Death By Inverted/Ring Row (or Pull-ups, if you’re a hot-shot)


This is performed as it sounds.  At the start of the clock you will embark (good word, right?) on your 300 air squats.  At the turn of the first minute (0:59 to 1:00) you will perform one (1) inverted/ring row and then continue with wherever you left off on your 300 squats.  When the clock gets to 2:00, you will perform two (2) inverted/ring rows.  This trend will continue until you have finished all 300 air squats.


3. Extra Credit

Really?  You want more madness??  Cool.  I’m down for that.

a. 10 min EMOM

Odd – 15/12 Cal Row

Even – 15/12 Burpees

b. Crossover Symmetry – Recovery Protocol

c.  For the love of all that is holy, FOAM ROLL/BARBELL SMASH/STRETCH YOUR QUADS! PLEAZZZ!!