Thursday – 9/3


Thursday – 9/3



1. Strength

Front Squat – 3 Position + Pause

5 Rounds, ascending

Un-rack the weight, descend to 1/4 squat and pause for 3 seconds, continue down to just above parallel and pause for 3 seconds, continue down to rock bottom (or as low as you can get in your squat while maintaining tight core/neutral spine) and pause for 3 more seconds before standing back up–that is one round.  Percentages are not put up because this is a TOUGH EXERCISE.  Lifting should be by feel.


2. MetCon


Romanian Deadlift

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Good Morning

-Rest 90 seconds between rounds-


This is a barbell complex and should be performed without putting the bar down.  I.e. 6 reps of each exercise before moving to the next; once you have completed the last rep of Good Morning’s you will rest for 90 seconds.  The weight selected should be something you can a) hold on to for the entire complex and b) move correctly, quickly with. Guys should think 65-95# and gals should be thinking 35-65#.  Trust me, you’d rather go light and be able to finish then putter out in the round of 4’s. 


3. Extra Credit

Yoga @ 5!  Anyone is welcome–just bring $5!!