Friday 10/30


Friday 10/30


Hallo-Wod Competition will be this Saturday! Head to our facebook page and post whether you will be in attendance. If you find a partner Prior post saying whom you will be doing the workouts with!
Awards will go to the Best Dressed!

Bio Community Fitness East- KING GEORGE, Bio Community Fitness West- FREDERICKSBURG – Functional Fitness


Back Squat (10 Min EMOM)

– 1 Back Squat every Minute 5-10# Heavier than last week!


Metcon (No Measure)

“Goat Day”

On the Minute for 20:

Odd Minutes – “Goat” #1

Even Minutes – “Goat” #2

“Goat” – Functional Fitness slang for a movement we have difficulty with.

Examples: Double-Unders, Ring Dips, Overhead Squats.

Choose two “Goats” to work on today. Coaches will have great suggestions!