Competition Training!


Competition Training!

Hey everyone! Some of you have noticed that our coaches have been testing out the Competition Training by Coach Bergeron at Functional Fitness New EnglandĀ on the side, starting the week of 17th of November we will be making these workouts available to athletes to who want to step up their training!

But here is the catch, if you want to take part in these workouts you must pass the following- ( We do this for your health)

  • Must tell the coaches that you would like to take part- Will have sign up sheet at gym so that we know who is taking part.
  • Must be available to complete the ENTIRE workout: These workouts can take upwards of 2 hours to complete properly.
  • You must do the whole workout ( even if it is scaled!) you will only get better if you keep pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • When performing the Workouts you will stay out of the way of the current Classes- That means that if you need the rig while the current class is working you will have to wait. Normal class takes PRIORITY!

If you have any questions about Competition Training please Contact Coach Max at BIOFunctional [email protected]

Get ready to take your fitness to another level!