Wednesday 2/8/17


Wednesday 2/8/17

Bio Community Fitness West- FREDERICKSBURG, Bio Community Fitness East- King George – Functional Fitness


Power Hour (Time)

50 Clean & Jerks* (135/95#)

*EMOM: 5 Toes-to-Bar
On the Clean & Jerk, we are looking for a moderate load where a single repetition is *always* there. In other words, let’s choose a weight that allows for 10+ repetitions unbroken, if we went for it. With that said, our goal for the workout today is to maintain consistent sets throughout the entire piece. On the Toes-to-Bar, we are looking for a number we can maintain each minute unbroken, on every round. That will preserve the stimulus, getting you back to barbell immediately. We want to make this a Clean & Jerk workout, challenged by Toes-to-Bar – not the other way around.


11/16: Metcon (No Measure)

1. Clean & Jerk




2. Clean Pull


3. Front Squat