Wednesday 2/25- Announcement


Wednesday 2/25- Announcement


On the Minute for 7 Minutes

Increasing Weight Each Minute

Round 1 Power Snatch

Round 2 Power Clean

Round 3 Thrusters

Minute 1: 7 Reps

Minute 2: 6 Reps

Minute 3: 5 Reps

Minute 4: 4 Reps

Minute 5: 3 Reps

Minute 6: 2 Reps

Minute 7: 1 Rep

-3 Minute Rest Between Rounds-

BIO Announcements
Open Workouts begin this Friday/Monday- Not to late to register at
With the Open we will be having a little friendly competition between our two locations! We will be taking the top 4 scores from each gender and creating a team for each box. At the end of the Open we will have the final workout done together at BIO WEST to determine the BIO Champion Gym!