Tuesday – 8/18


Tuesday – 8/18

1. Strength


Quickly work to a heavy single


Drop the weight down to ~70% and work to a heavy double

This does not mean 1RM, we’re simply working up to a heavy weight for the day.  If you feel technique start to go out the window, you’ve probably achieved your heavy single for the day.  Drop the weight back down and start your double work.  This shouldn’t take you longer than 25 minutes–15 minutes for the single and another 10 for the double work.  Goal for the double is to get to 80-90% of the heavy single.


2. MetCon

15 min AMRAP

6 Power Cleans, 135/95

9 Lateral Burpee Bar Hops

12 Wall Balls, 20/14

Long(er) conditioning with smaller numbers.  Be smart.  Remember to breathe and keep your heart rate under control.


3. Extra Credit

a. 10 min EMOM

Odd – 10 Bent-over KB Rows

Even – 10 Hip Extensions

b. 10 min Assault Bike Flush. Hang out in a low RPM for 10 minutes.  That easy.