Saturday – CLOSED!


Saturday – CLOSED!


September Commitment Club- (15 or more classes attended)

Caroline Connors-22
Esteban Zanabria-19
Will German-19
Jeff Smith-18
James Bibens-18
Jenn Oaks-18
Shawn “Gainz” Gibbins-17
RODNEY Harvey-17
Michael Bowen-17
Melanie Bibens-17
Mary Alexander-16
Victor Gonzalez-16
Dathan Byrd-16
Dashan Turner-16
Cassie Hooghouse-16
Steve Cameli-15
Melissa Lindsay-15
John Chance-15
Brittany Bohn-15
Ann Krannitz-15

Super Proud of everyone of our BIO Community, I love seeing new names to the commitment club and seeing all the progress thats being made day in and day out! Keep up the great work everyone! Lets make the list longer each month!
-Coach Max

Bio Community Fitness East- King George, Bio Community Fitness West- FREDERICKSBURG – Functional Fitness

Go cheer on the BIO Community at Functional Fitness Rappahanock starting at 830am!