Monday 7/2/18


Monday 7/2/18


Fourth of July Hours- 6am & 8am!

Bio Community Fitness East- King George, Bio Community Fitness West- FREDERICKSBURG – Functional Fitness

TNT (Time)

For Time:

30 Snatches (95/65)

30 Clean and Jerks (95/65)

30 Thrusters (95/65)
Only barbells in this light weight triplet. Athletes will choose one weight for all three barbell movements based on which lift is their limiting factor. This should be a load that they could move for 21+ unbroken repetitions when fresh. Athletes have the option to complete power snatches or squat snatches based on personal preference. Leaving 30 minutes for this workout to give coaches the options to run two heats. Multiple heats would give the athletes working some added support, energy, and rep counting assistance.