2023 In Review and What’s Next In 2024

BIO CrossFit Community,

It is hard to believe that I have now owned BIO for just over a year.  During this time, upgrades within and outside the facility were made.  Debi brought in a couch.  Yay!  Eight (8) new spaces for personal belongings were added, shelving was added in the front and constructed in the back for the smashballs, dumbbells, and kettlebells (courtesy of Bill).  The man-door and the cracked window were fixed, as was the safety hazard “holes” by the sidewalk and road ruts. All new signs were replaced on multiple outside walls, by the road, and a new door graphic installed. Electric outlets were replaced, as well as, the water filter. Technology enhancements were made such as a tv, webcam, and security camera. I will continue to make value-added improvements with a phased approached. Additionally, BIO has a bi-weekly cleaning service.

More importantly, new gym equipment was purchased/installed such as dumbbells, kettlebells, assault bike electronic displays, jump ropes, climbing ropes and various mobility tools (courtesy of Debi).

During this next year, I will be bringing in some new coaching staff to add more modified CF class options and times offered during the week. Don’t worry Debi is not going anywhere! Refresh and overhaul the website. After that my goal is to work with the landlord to get more lighting outside by the road sign, parking lot and the entry door, then tackle any suggestions for the bathrooms. Definitely feel free to provide any recommendations in the suggestion box provided in the bathroom.

Debi worked really hard on designing a new t-shirt/sweatshirt logo. New BIO apparel will be available in the near future. If anyone is interested in a duffle bag with the original BIO logo, please let me know.

On 1 February 2024, the following membership fee changes will take affect:

  • Unlimited Membership – $170
  • Open Gym – $70
  • 10 Class Punch Card – $180

Best in 2024,

Hollie B.L. Windus
Owner and Coach, BIO CrossFit