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Health and Fitness from the inside out is based on bio-individuality. Bio-individuality in nutrition is an area of study and applied science that helps dig deeper into the “it depends” answer when deciphering which nutritional and exercise plans work best for you. This is why certain nutrition plans and/or exercise training plans work for some people while others do not. Every individual is different, so their health and fitness goals should be, also. The goal is to nourish the body with a custom-fit plan while also conquering the individual’s health and fitness goals on the path to wellness. Studies have shown the link between your gut health and diet. An unhealthy gut or one that is out of balance (dysbiosis) can increase risk of obesity, inflammation, auto immune conditions, and other illnesses, thus making it difficult to reach your fitness goals. A gut that is brought back into balance can support overall wellness and fitness goals.

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