Wednesday – 9/9


Wednesday – 9/9

1. Strength

5 x Max Effort Push-ups

Try and beat at least 2 of your sets from the last time we did this (Tuesday 8/4/2015). This can be in either number (reps performed) or overall technique (if you dolphin’d them last time but do strict this time instead).  Dig deep and make these suck!  Yay for motivational speeches!


2. MetCon

“Quarter-Triple 3”

750m Row

75 DU

1200m Run


3. Extra Credit

a. 10 minutes of gymnastics weakness work

b. 3 attempts at Max Effort sets of pull-ups (you do not need to use all 3 attempts if you are satisfied with one of the first)

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again:  do NOT rip your hands. Or a leprechaun will kick you in the shins the rest of the day…THE ENTIRE REST OF THE DAY.  RIGHT IN THE SHINS.  DON’T DO IT!