Wednesday – 9/16


Wednesday – 9/16

1. Strength

Back Squat

Work up to a heavy set of 2.  You should do at least 5 sets of doubles to get there.


2. MetCon

a. 2000m Row for time

-rest 5 minutes-

b. 4 attempts to set a 400m PR (aka I want y’all to sprint yo’ booties off for 400m)


If we have more than 5 people we will split this into two groups.  Yes, as written you are doing the 2k row first.  You’re welcome.  #notreally #thisisgoingtohurtsogood


3. Extra Credit

a. Power Clean + 2 Squat Cleans

Work up to a heavy set of the above complex

b. Strict Press – 5×5@75% or a moderate weight.

Focus on squeezing all the contractile tissue in your body before each rep.  Once EVERYTHING is tight, explode the press up.  You may be surprised just how much “umph” you can get by really tightening down.