Monday – 8/31


Monday – 8/31



1. Strength


5RM, *no bounce

*Set-up, pull slack out of the bar, explode through the up portion, lock out, control the down portion, touch weights to ground WITHOUT BOUNCING off the floor. Aka no momentum.

During this next 4-6 weeks we will be focusing on our deadlifts at BIO.  This is a great opportunity to clean up the movement.  I don’t care if you can deadlift a house 5 times looking like a cat-backed camel–I’m more interested in you checking your ego at the door and figuring out what you can move with excellent form.  Please, leave the cats and camels in their respective old-cat-lady-homes and bad car insurance commercials (HUMP DAY!…ok, it’s only Monday, don’t get all crazy).


2. MetCon

21 – 15 – 9

Cal Row

Wall Balls, 20/14


3. Extra Credit

a. Burgener Warm-up

b. Snatch Work

3 Rounds of the following complex (without releasing bar):

3 High Hang Squat Snaches + 3 Mid Hang Squat Snatches + 3 Squat Snatches (from floor) + 3 OHS

This is not for time.  This is working on barbell cycling/conditioning.  Pick weights which are applicable to your skill level.  If you struggle with linking together squat snatches, use today to practice a few, then do the above with Power Snatches.

c. Crossover Symmetry – IRONSCAP Protocol