Monday – 8/24


Monday – 8/24

We’ve been going for three weeks pretty hard.  This week will be a bit of a back-off in terms of volume and/or intensity.  That doesn’t mean you should lollygag the sprints today.  If you see a workout, you should still be hitting it as hard as you can.


1. Strength


With a 10 minute running clock perform:

0:00-1:59 – 5 Unbroken Thrusters

2:00-3:49 – 4 Unbroken Thrusters

4:00-5:59 – 3 Unbroken Thrusters

6:00-7:59 – 2 Unbroken Thrusters

8:00-10:00 – 1 Thruster

Ascending in weight.  Go in with a plan for weights you’d like to do.  Most people are to the point that you should not just add 5’s to each side:  if you read that last part and say to yourself, “I wonder if he’s talking about ME here,” then chances are I am ;). If you want to push yourself, see if you can’t challenge the numbers we’ve hit the past four weeks (5RM on 8/3, 3RM on 8/17) a little bit.


2. MetCon

6x200m SPRINT

Rest 1:1

The clock will be running and you will be in charge of rest/work times.  Example:  if you just started your second 200m at 1:30 and run another :45 – 200m, you would then rest until 3:00 (1:30 + :45 = 2:15…YAY MATH! =) ).


3. Extra Credit

a. 7 minute AMRAP

5 Power Cleans, 155/105

5 Burpees

5 T2B

b. 10 minute row/bike/jog flush.

This should be done at conversation pace, i.e. if you are carrying on a conversation and find yourself out of breath from what you’re doing you are going to fast.  Slow down.

c. Find 10 minutes in your day to meditate. After you meditate, give a random stranger a (sincere) compliment.  Boom.  TGI-MONDAY!!!

There are lots of apps out there now to facilitate this.  One of mine and Max’s favorites is Headspace which is available for free on both Android and Apple.  If you do your own meditation, feel free to do that.  I highly recommend adding some sort of mindfulness training to everyone’s day to augment the stress we all incur on a regular basis.