Jerk Day


Jerk Day

Bio Community Fitness West- FREDERICKSBURG, Bio Community Fitness East- KING GEORGE – Functional Fitness


Warm-up (No Measure)

Today we will be spending some work on our split jerk. In the split jerk, as is the case with every olympic movement, footwork is key. We will be spending ~10 minutes a piece on two skill-transfer movements to prime our movement – the split jerk strict press and the split jerk balance.


Split Jerk Strict Press (3 x 3)

This is all about getting comfortable in the split position. Starting with the barbell in the front rack, step out into your split jerk receiving position (the split).

On the front foot, the weight should be dispersed throughout the foot, and you should step so far out that the front shin is vertical. On the back foor, the heel should be flared in the air, with the weight on the ball of the foot. Both sets of toes, front and back, should be just about facing the directly in front of you (be wary of that back foot rotating outboard)

Once you are stable in your split position, complete 3 strict presses. Focus now is a tight midline, and a strong overhead locked out finish. Torso should stay vertical, shoulders stacked on top of hips, the whole time.

This is a very lightly loaded movement. If at all your positioning starts to slide (or you lose the ability to strict press the weight), we’ve gone too heavy. This is a primer for the next movement.

Split Jerk Balance (3 x 3)

With a barbell in the front rack position, step out to your split jerk receiving position (the split). From there, bring the front foot back about halfway. Now you are essentially in a half split. With a dip drive from this exact “half split”, step through back to your split jerk receiving position as you punch the bar overhead.

This is a great drill in training three aspects of the split jerk:

1) Getting that front foot out there. Common fault – it doesn’t go far enough.

2) Speed beneath the bar with an aggressive lockout punch.

3) Stability in the catch. Pause for a 2-count each rep before you recover.

Just like on the Split Jerk Strict Press, this one is not about load either – technique.

Back Squat (2×5 @80% of Monday’s weight)

Split Jerk (Build to a heavy 1 rep)

All come from the rack


Double-Unders (8 x :20 on/:10 off Tabata)

Tabata Double-Unders

8 Rounds of :20s on/10s off

Your score is your *lowest* round of all 8.

If you complete for example 20 reps in the first 7, but 15 in the final round, score of 15.