I have been doing Functional Fitness now for almost a year.

What got you into Functional Fitness?
My desire to be a better dad and to get into better shape. I was gaining weight, watching my clothes become too small to wear and just being miserable with myself. I felt like something needed to change. I had watched the Games a couple of times and wished that I could find a gym that could help me. I did not want to perform the same old workouts all the time. As a former D-1 athlete, my desire to lift heavy weight all the time was not there. I wanted to work on functional fitness. BIO has given me that and more.

What is your Favorite part about Functional Fitness at BIO?
My favorite part about BIO is the atmosphere and the coaching. Everyone there really motivates each other to do the best. “One day at a time” is something you hear a lot of people saying. It helped me when I did not see my weight loss occur they way I had visioned it.

What is your Least Favorite Movement?
I deal with overhead squats, and I despise crabwalks. I know most people will say burpees, but I would rather do a burpee than crabwalk. I have slowly gotten better at burpees…but they would be number three on my list!!!

What is your current goal for yourself with Functional Fitness?
“One day at a time!” Currently, I have three pairs of pants that I could not fit before BIO that I can now fit. I celebrate the small wins and the slow changes I see in my eating habits. I have workout goals for 3-4 days a week at BIO, and a 5k this fall. I want to make BIO or Functional Fitness a life long commitment.